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〜Noodle Dishes from Around the World〜
Italy menu "Prosciutto and Potato Basil Pasta" Recipe

A tasty recipe for  Italian pasta!  Using simple and easy-to-find at home ingredients and "PIETRO OUCHI PASTA".What really elevates this simple recipe is the delicious flavoured Basil sauce!
This dishware has a rustic feel and look, but given a matte glaze for a touch of modern edge. It also comes with a thick lip, making it perfect for serve short pasta. 



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Prosciutto and Potato Basil Pasta

● AGNESI Penne rigate ・・・160g
● OUCHI PASTA・・・・4 tablespoons 
● Potato・・150g
● 6 Cherry tomato
● Prosciutto・・2 slices
● Basil・・some
● Parmigiano reggiano・・some
●Black pepper・・some

①Cut the potatoes into half-moons with a width of 1 cm. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Prosciutto divides one into four equal parts.
②Cook pasta according to package directions, after 3 minutes, boil potato 10 minutes
③Add the drained short pasta to a frying pan. Add cherry tomatoes and home pasta, heat lightly, and turn off the heat to taste.
④Serve individual plates and sprinkle with prosciutto, basil leaves, parmesan and black pepper.




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A pasta sauce give you a rich taste of basil and savory flavor of pine nuts.

■Oumei Kamamoto kiln
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To be continued

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