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Vinaigrette Pietro SHOYU 280ml

100% Japanese  onions!

No artificial colors and flavors

Deep-fried at a low temperature in our own factory for a long time to give it a crunchy texture.

Seasoned with Pietro original spice

Add vinegar to onions! Original recipe that does not become oily

Make your usual dishes easy and luxurious with just topping

Size that is easy to mix with dishes


Fried Onion & Nuts

Adding 4 kinds of nuts: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and pine nuts to fried onions made by slowly frying the same domestic onions as Pietro dressing at our own factory. Mixed with the best balance of texture, flavor and color.

パットフッテ ガーリック.png

Fried Onion & Garlic

"Garlic chips", "Almonds" and "Croutons" are combined with fried onions. A versatile topping that allows you to enjoy the addictive taste and texture. In addition to the standard Japanese-style soy sauce dressing, we have combined ingredients that go well with various dressings.

Pour profiter au mieux de notre dressing

パットフッテ ガーリック1.png


パットフッテ ガーリック3.png
パットフッテ フライドオニオン1.png



Potato salad


パットフッテ ガーリック2.png
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