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Vinaigrette Pietro SHOYU 280ml

Garlic Oil

1. Used by chefs at our restaurants
Garlic oil is an integral part of the kitchens of Pietro restaurants.It is made with the chef's recipe,  which has not been changed since the restaurant’s establishment.

3. Garlic flavor easily obtained!
It is surprisingly troublesome to peel and chop garlic. This is a convenient oil that can reduce the time and effort in cooking.

2. Handmade at our own factory
We have recreated the chef's recipe in Pietro's own factory. The garlic is slowly fried at a low temperature to infuse the oil with a rich flavor.

4. The two-way cap is convenient!
"I want to put in only a small amount." "I want to use plenty of it for cooking." The cap, which can be used for different purposes, allows you to use the oil for various dishes.

Salad・Carpaccio・Marinade・Pasta ・Fried rice・Stir fried noodle・Vegetable stir fry・Steak・Hamburger ・Teppanyaki etc...

Pour profiter au mieux de notre dressing

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Garlic Toast


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