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The time for breakfast.

You may not be able to take your time.
However, when you see on the table the dishware that matches your mood that day, you will naturally feel satisfied.

​We hope that the dishware from Oumei Kamamoto kiln, produced with a wish to make your daily life happier, along with Pietro's special recipes, will enrich your life.



Mentai omelet

● 1 tbsp. Pietro Dressing SHOYU
● 3 eggs
● 45 g mentaiko (spicy cod roe)
● Some oil
● Green onion, as needed
● Shredded nori seaweed, as needed
① Put the eggs and dressing in a bowl and beat the eggs.
② Heat a rolled omelet pan, put oil in the pan, add ❶,
arrange the mentaiko on top, and make a rolled omelet.
③ Cut into bite-sized pieces.
④ Serve on a dish and top with green onions and shredded nori seaweed as you like.


Melted avocado hot dip

● 3 tbsps. Pietro Dressing SHOYU
● 1 avocado

① Cut the avocado in half, remove the seeds, and spoon into a heatproof container.
② Add dressing and mash the avocado to mix. Cover with plastic wrap and heat in a microwave. (Approx. 1 min. (600 W))


Lotus root and carrot kinpira
● 2 tbsps. Pietro Dressing SHOYU
● 1/2 lotus root
● 1/2 carrot
● 3 tbsps. water

① Peel the lotus root and carrot and cut into thin slices.
② Stir-fry in a frying pan. Add water and dressing and stir-fry until dry.



Today’s photo opportunity!

This is a photo taken by a member with their own camera at the kiln!


The items are shaped with the potter's wheel.
Large items are made powerfully and dynamically.
Small items are made delicately.
Taking advantage of the nature of the soil, they try to create a shape that is naturally accepted by viewers and users. It is made by hand, so it fits in your hand. This is the charm of handmade dishware.

9月 朝食イメージ器 翁明マット リム皿.jpg

▶ Click here for the website of Oumei Kamamoto kiln

To be continued

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